Highlighting the wonderful, always energetic, fit & fabulous, Joni!! You will see Joni training with Monique first thing in the morning & then again at a spin class (sometimes 2 in one day!)!! Since training & spinning at Physiques by Monique, Joni has noticed leaner muscles, increased strength & is reaching her weight loss goals! She has been staying healthy & fit for the past 10 years & knows the importance of that to continue staying healthy the rest of her life! The untimely passing of her mother helped her to realize the importance of caring for the body God blessed her with. Joni’s husband loves that she is “bringing sexy back”!

When asked what her theme song would be…”Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige.
We are so happy and proud to have your beautiful soul

Rachel Vincent

“Don’t call it a come back, I’ve been here for years” (Mama Say Knock You Out, LLCoolJ) ~ Working full time, raising two kids & caring for the family, Rachel Vincent requires efficiency, quality & convenience to maintain her healthy lifestyle. Training with Monique & knowing what it truly takes to lose weight (& keep it off!) has helped her get fit and stay fit. Rachel has trained with Monique for the past 8 years and finds that training at the new PbM Studio provides the privacy & ease to get in her quality workouts…no fuss, no mess, just results! Rachel has been a long time runner, but understands the importance of cross-training to prevent injury so takes 2-3 spin classes a week at PbM. The 6am classes allow her to blast those calories away before her kids even wake!! Since adding the spin classes, Rachel has lost over 20lbs!! Way to go Rachel, we truly love having you here!!! — at Physiques by Monique.



Skinny is out & HEALTHY is IN, so “Turn Up The Radio” (by Autograph), cause it’s Vicki’s time!!! Being healthy, strong and confident is way more important than being the “skinny girl on the block”!! Vicki has been an avid spinner for several years, but found herself frustrated with the local big gyms…showing up for class with no bike available (or only the “unwanted/brokedown” bike). Being able to reserve her bike online is exactly what Vicki needed. She loves having a spin class that fits her busy work/family schedule, a bike that is properly maintained, and a facility that makes her feel welcomed – the PbM studio covers it all!

“To open the studio door, be greeted by Joy & Monique, listening to great music and sweating like nobody’s business! I love it all and my body loves it too! I have noticed more definition in my legs, lost inches in my waist, feeling more energized and experiencing a better sleep pattern! I can honestly say, I feel worse if I don’t go to my spin class!”

“What’s better than giggling, smiling & all working hard together?!”

Try a class & experience the difference!